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My name is Dave Landers. You probably already figured that out.
I work for EMC, where I am a dev writing mostly server-side Scala code.  I worked for a long time at BEA/Oracle on WebLogic Portal, and a bit on WebCenter. Work is in Louisvile, Colorado and I live in Longmont.
I have been working with Java since the early days (pre-1.0) and have been doing J2EE since before it was called that. Now, my preference (and most of my work) is in Scala.
Before Scala, before J2ee, and before Java… I worked on a product doing numerical analysis and visualization in C, C++, Java, and other languages. And before that, I did a lot of FORTRAN in my previous life as an Antenna Design Engineer (my MSEE is in Electromagnetics).
In past years, I have spoken on various Java-related topics at the Colorado Software Summit. That was great fun and always a challenge, as the audience was highly technical and really on top of things.
I like to spend time outdoors: exploring hiking trails and camping in Colorado. I volunteer with the Boy Scouts. And if I have any free time left over from all of that, I spend it in my basement wood shop.
Contact me via: dave  at srednal  dot com
Oh and I also must say: All opinions, etc. expressed here are mine, and not those of my employer (or anyone else).

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