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Colorado Software Summit – Detailed Schedule Posted

The full, detailed, daily schedule for Colorado Software Summit has just been posted.

If you are not familiar with the conference, you should take a look. One look at the full schedule and you will see that (like every year), they’ve got some world-class developers talking about some hot topics – REST, JavaScript, JSF, Linux, iPhone and Andriod development, scalability, Spring, and lots more.

In fact, this might just be the first conference to feature iPhone development since Apple has only this week lifted their NDA.

You should also note that, unlike a lot of other conferences, this one features every session three (3) times each. That’s quite a load on the speakers (I speak here from personal experience), but is a boon for attendees (again, personal experience). While there is much more content here than you can hope to take in during the week, the 3-times-each deal makes it pretty certain that you’ll be able to get to your top 10 or 15 sessions.

Some other things that make this conference different and better than the rest:

  • When you check in, you will get a CD with every single slide for every single session. So you can plan your schedule based on more than just the abstracts.
  • After you get home, you’ll receive a CD containing every single slide (again – since many speakers tweak things at the last minute), plus any example source code used in the sessions.
  • Every speaker is presenting two topics, so if you like one session, you might want to attend their other one.
  • This conference is a real community. You will (if you so choose) be able to hang out, eat lunch, etc. with the speakers (and many other smart developers). Networking, in-depth conversations, and lots of joking around are an integral part of Software Summit. If you don’t leave having made a couple of new friends, you haven’t done it right.
  • The food is absolutely fabulous.
  • The venue in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky mountains (at a major ski resort) is spectacular.

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