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And another thing

The Lion upgrade deleted all (except one random guy) in my address book contacts.

I restored the ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook folder from the TimeMachine backup pre-Lion and everyone is back now.

Update – No, it’s not back.  This was not Lion doing this, but iCloud.  Every time I turned on iCloud to sync Contacts, it deleted everybody (apparently preferring the empty list on iCloud to the full list on my Mac).  The solution (after many restores from backups) was:

Turn on iCloud on my iPhone (I had not done this previously).  Sync contacts from there (after a short prayer).  That did preserve my contact list (whew) and got everything up to iCloud.  Then, turning on iCloud at the Mac did sync properly.  Finally.

Apparently, this whole business of trying to make my computer work like a phone is not quite there yet – my computer is now in some ways less-capable than my phone.  At least (for now) I can still do software development on the Mac.

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