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Last (hopefully) Lion issue

I was getting frequent lockups – I wasn’t sure initially what was going on, but it became apparent that it was something related to Eclipse.  While eclipse was building my projects, it would crawl to a halt (always at the same place on the same project).  Other apps would be responsive- for a while, but eventually everything would crawl to a halt.

I think the ultimate issue was actually with the Java VM.  I had two entries in my eclipse.ini: UseConcMarkSweepGC and UseCompressedOops which I had added per the ScalaIDE docs.

Once I removed these, things started behaving again.  I didn’t like using the concurrent mark and sweep algorithm anyway, as I thought the pauses were worse.  But something is certainly misbehaving in that algorithm (or in the VM as a whole) with Lion to allow it to lock up the entire machine.

It seems that the JDK available for Lion has at least changed some defaults (like the memory sizes I discovered earlier) and possibly some other things (memory/gc/hotspot-related).

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