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Jet 1642 EVS Remote Control

I was looking for a remote shutoff for my Jet 1642 EVS, so I could shut the lathe off without having to reach around a spinning chunk of a tree.  During my search, I saw a picture somewhere on the net where someone had simply remoted the entire control panel.  Brilliant.  It’s simple to do, and I have full control of power, direction, and speed anywhere I need it.


  • About 10’ of 5-conductor cable.  I think I went with 12 ga.  And the best cable I found had 7 wires, so a couple just didn’t get used.

  • PVC electrical box – I found a corner box for ¾” conduit that was the right size for the panel.  The screw spacing matches the panel, and it is just big enough inside for everything to fit.  You don’t use the cover.

  • PVC cable strain relief adapter.

  • PVC plug for extra hole in the back of the box (plumbing dept).  It should fit (or be modifiable to fit) from the inside.

  • Crimp-on Spade connectors – about 10 ea Male and Female.

  • Big magnet (with screw attachment) – probably in the tool dept next to pegboard and other organizers.

  • PVC pipe cement (epoxy or CA should also work if you don’t have PVC cement).

  • Some electrical tape (maybe).

  • Something to cover the hole in the headstock where the control panel is now (surely you’ve got some nice-looking scrap wood laying around that’ll do nicely).


Plug the hole in the electrical box from the inside.  Cut off the excess conduit so the back is flush.

Unplug the lathe.

Remove the control panel from the lathe headstock.  On my lathe, some of the wires had spade connectors and others wire nuts.  In either case, carefully mark which color wires go where.

Disconnect the wires and remove the panel.

Add male spade connectors to all the wires on the panel.  On my lathe, the reverse switch already used spade connectors, so I added connectors to the other three.

Feed the cable in from the back of the headstock.  I was able to get mine in the same hole with the motor control cable.

Add spade connectors to the lathe and cable wires females on the lathe side and male on the cable (so you could reattach the panel if ever you desire).  Match up the colors of the wires as best you can.  Tape any exposed bits of the connectors, if necessary.

Feed the other end of the cable thru the strain relief into the conduit box.  Add spade connectors, and attach the wires.

Secure the magnet to the back of the box. Fit all the wires in and attach the control plate to the box.

Add a plate to cover the hole in the headstock where the control panel used to be.  I just used a scrap of walnut to make one.

Now you can move the control panel anywhere you need it.  Safe and convenient access to power off and speed control.  With the control on the side of the lathe bed (shown) I can shut off the lathe with my hips (although in this position, I will sometimes lean on the speed control – which is not good, so I position it to be where I can easily hit it, but don’t lean on it while turning).  You can also put it on the top of the ways or anywhere else.

Hope that helps somebody.

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