ClickIR will listen to the Apple Infrared (IR) Remote Control that is normally used for Front Row. Using AppleScirpt, you can use this remote for any scriptable purpose.

When you launch ClickIR, you will see a simple selection to choose what you wish to control with the remote. These selections relate to groupings of Apple Scripts that are called when the various buttons on the remote are pressed.

ClickIR first comes up with "(Nothing)" selected, which means that the remote does its normal thing (iTunes, FrontRow, whatever).

ClickIR comes with 4 sets of standard AppleScript: to control PowerPoint, Keynote (older versions that do not use the remote), Speak, and Speak All.

To try out ClickIR, select Speak. This will say the name of the buttons as they are pressed. Speak All is like Speak, but it has a script for every possible action, including holding the Right, Left, and Play buttons and separate actions for pressing and releasing the buttons.

To customize ClickIR, create a folder called ClickIR in your ~/Library/Application Support/ folder. Inside this ClickIR folder, create another folder for each set of buttons you want to use. The name of this folder will show up in the selections when you next start ClickIR. You create one AppleScript for each button (buttons with no scripts simply do nothing).

The scripts you can create are:

When you create a custom set of scripts in ~/Library/Application Support/ClickIR, this will turn off the default control groups that come with ClickIR (PowerPoint, Keynote, and Speak). To re-enable these, simply copy the ones you want from

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