I have spoken several times at Colorado Software Summit. This is a fantastic software conference. Speaking there is quite an experience, as most speakers are expected to present two 90-minute topics, three times each. This is great for the attendees, as it almost completely eliminates any schedule conflicts. As a speaker, it is terribly tiring, but it does give you a great chance to refine the presentation throughout the week.

Below are the presentation slides and example code for my presentations.

WSRP - Web Services for Remote Portlets

Annotated Java: Annotations in J2SE 5.0

Generic Java: Generics in J2SE 5.0

What's New in J2EE 1.4

Portlets (JSR-168)

EJB Basics - By Example

Techniques for Building J2EE Applications


EJB, Transactions, and Me

BMP vs. CMP in Entity EJBs - Acronyms Gone Wild (AGW)

Overview of the J2EE Specification

Reflection - Beyond the Class Class

Servers in Java